Run-Flat 12 ply Tires

GPS Spartan Run Flats: The GPS Spartan Run Flat is currently used by many Government agencies around the world. This tire was designed and developed especially for the US Military by Ty Zimmerman owner and entrepreneur at Global PowerSports® at first but when Ty saw the need for this type of tire in the commercial market and made them available we jumped at the chance to have them on our site and offer them to our customers.  The extreme terrain conditions experienced by the US Military Forces demand the highest level of tire payload capability & survivability for critical mission success. The Reinforced sidewall design provides full protection with it’s unique wrapped design & with its 1200+ lbs. inflated load rating, the tire is no longer the weak link in your ATV/UTV. This is not an overly aggressive tread pattern & it’s specially designed carcass gives a stable ride & increased durability that you just can’t get anywhere else.

Over the years Ty Zimmerman and the GPS group has developed several different Atv/Utv pneumatic Run Flats branding them DWT, RP and GPS, so when it comes to run flat technology and the Atv/Utv market we relay on the guys at Global PowerSports®.