GPS RP SPARTAN 12 Ply Run Flat Tires

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Hands down the most durable Atv/Utv tire available.  Mesquite thorns are no challenge for these tires.  

  • 12 Ply Rating
  • Ultra strong sidewall
  • GPS Run Flat technology
  • Can run with no air if needed
  • Over 3/4″ Tread Depth
  • GPS Rubber compound
  • Load ratings ranging from 1250 lbs to 1600 lbs.
  • USA Military approved


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The perfect option for any outdoorsman looking to eliminate flat tires. The GPS RP SPARTAN UTV Run Flat Tires have the same aggressive tread pattern as the popular Maxxis Big Horn UTV Tires but with 12 Ply Run Flat Technology construction designed for the U.S.A. Military. The SPARTAN UTV Run Flat tires are designed with a premium rubber compound specifically made to last longer without loss in performance or traction! The sidewall allows the tire to maintain a load rating to support today’s UTV’s if in the rare event you were to puncture one and actually run without air if needed. The SPARTAN UTV Run Flat tires are used by hunters, ranchers and government agencies around the world. This run flat ATV/ATV tire works excellent on all brands & models including Polaris, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Can-Am, Arctic Cat, Kubota, John Deere & more. Available in 13 different sizes.  See Video !                  FREE SHIPPING,  Military discounts, Fleet discounts & Full set discounts.  Shop and save here at Traction Depots on GPS RP Run flat tires.  We supply the K9 Dog training club with Run Flat tires 


  • 12 Ply Rating
  • Ultra strong sidewall
  • GPS Run Flat technology
  • Can run with no air if needed
  • Over 3/4″ Tread Depth
  • GPS Rubber compound
  • Load ratings ranging from 1250 lbs to 1600 lbs.
  • USA Military approved

AVAILABLE SIZES sold separtely or discounts on full sets. 


  • 24x11x10
  • 25x8x12
  • 25x10x12
  • 26x9x12
  • 26x11x12
  • 26x9x14
  • 26x11x14
  • 27x9x14
  • 27x11x14
  • 27x9x12
  • 27x11x12
  • 29x9x14
  • 29x11x14
  • (2) 25x8x12 (2) 25x10x12
  • (2) 26x9x12 (2) 26x11x12
  • (2) 27x9x14 (2) 27x11x14
  • (2) 29x9x14 (2) 29x11x14
  • (4) 25x10x12
  • (4) 26x9x12
  • (4) 27X9X14
  • (4) 29X9X14

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15 reviews for GPS RP SPARTAN 12 Ply Run Flat Tires

  1. Jason Ward

    This is the perfect tire for Hunters, Farmers, Ranchers and the companies that use these Atv’s and Utv’s for work. This was the best thing I did and now I can go out and not worry about any more flats.

    Thanks Guys.

  2. David Gonzales

    These tires are by far the toughest tire out there. They were a little difficult to mount but well worth every penny. No more flats no more worries no more down time. Best Atv, Utv tire you can buy. David

  3. Billy Scott

    Just wanted to Thank you guys I shopped hard for these Run Flat Utv Tires at places like KGMotorcycles, Pureoffroad, DWT, and many other places and you guys not only had them in stock but had the best prices. Thank you guys.

  4. Don Perkins

    Very Good tire, The most Durable tire I have ever seen. I went to many UTV forums and done some research on the tires and made my decision to go with the XII while a friend of mine went with the DWT tire from Discount tire. Not only did I get a better deal here with you but we both agree that this XII is a better tire. The Dwt Moapa run flat has worn very quickly where my XII has held up very well. Thanks for a great tire and price.

  5. Roger Cline

    We looked for these all over our area and discount tire was trying to sell us DWT run flats and said they would have to order them and it would be four to five days if they were in stock. We contacted GPS Offroad and they gave us your name and number and said that you were the closest to us which was still a hundred miles away. However you took care of us with having the tires to us the next day and we are very happy with them as well as the service. Why haven’t you guys tried to get discount tire to carry them just a thought.

  6. Luie

    One tuff tire. All I can say is anyone having flat issues with thorns like we were these are the fix for sure. We tried many different brands and nothing like these that’s for sure.

  7. Helen

    The best tire we have ever purchased. Finally a tire that is durable and reliable and trouble free.

    Thank you Guys !!!!!!

  8. Mark

    Best tire ever. We use them on all of our Rangers now and have not had one issue.


  9. Danny

    This tire is amazing. I have looked for something like this for a long time and would have thought that RM Rocky Mountain atv would have these so i found it strange because Rocky Mountain carry’s most of everything so then i checked with Discount tire and they didn’t have them either so just happy to have found you guys. Can you tell me why Rocky Mountain ATV don’t carry them.

  10. Ken

    Hands down the most durable Atv Utv tire there is is.


  11. Bob

    Finally a Run Flat 12ply tire for the Kawasaki Mule 24x11x10 We searched high and low for a durable puncture resistant tire in the size needed for the Kawasaki mule and this Spartan is by far the best we have ever seen. Thank you guys.

  12. Sam

    Wanted to tell you guys me and my father both purchased a set of 26x9x12 tires 12ply at the same time. Mine RP Spartan from you guys and he purchased a brand called K9 we both ride in the same places and usually together and he has had two problems already with his. One of his will not hold air and is noticeable when flat the other is his are already half worn out and mine still look new. The Spartan Clearly a better tire construction and rubber .

  13. Alex

    All i can say is Wow, these are one well built tire. Anyone looking for a UTV tire that you don’t have to worry about flats any more no matter where you ride these will most definitely do the job. I have tried so many different brands that claims puncture resistant or even to be a run flat and have been disappointed every time, not with these tires they are truly the most durable out there.

  14. Ben

    Wow!!! Received a set of these and all i can say is there is nothing like them. Very durable and puncture resistant. No more worries about flats.

    • Ryan

      Ben, Happy to hear you like the tires.

  15. Gene

    Just received our set of Spartan run flats and by the looks of these we shouldn’t have any tire issues while out hunting. These things feel tough as hell.

    • Ryan

      Yes your hunt will not be ruined having to deal with a flat with these mounted up. Send photos of your kill after the hunt and we will post it up. Good Luck.

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