GPS RP SOF II Military Approved UTV Run Flat Tire 12 ply

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GPS RP 12PLY RUN FLAT UTV TIRE, US Military Approved




This high load, high performance UTV run flat tire offers an advanced long lasting rubber compound & carcass specifically designed and engineered for heavier payloads, wheel protection, and lightweight survivability for the USA Military. The RP SOF II UTV Run Flat Tire is constructed of 12 ply with advanced carcass technology designed to give you that 8 ply ride comfort. 


•  12-PLY rating
•  Up to 1200+ lb load rating
•  UTV 12-PLY run-flat
•  Focused design for 50 miles at 40 mph devoid of air at 900 lb per tire load 
•  Universal sizes 26x9x12 & 26x9x14 ATV/UTV
•  Colors: Black/Tan

  • Military Approved


Inflated or deflated, rely on this tire specifically constructed to handle your off-road requirements.

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5 reviews for GPS RP SOF II Military Approved UTV Run Flat Tire 12 ply

  1. Ken

    This tire is in a League of its own. Many others claim to be as good but none have passed the intense requirements of the US Military like the RP SOF II

  2. Sean

    I got to use a set of these the other day out in South East Texas and did not have one issue. I have never been there on a ride that I didn’t have to deal with at least one flat and usually more than one. These are by far the best tire I have ever purchased and worth every penny spent. I have tried several different tire brands and tread patterns like the Essex, DWT, ITP, STI, Maxxis and few others but nothing even close to these. We have an Atv tour business and have had the opportunity to try many different tires throughout the years and believe we now don’t have to look any further. However I have been told now that RP now has several different tread patterns so we will have to try these. I will keep you posted.

  3. Wade

    I purchased my first set from you back in Jan. but were the DWT Moapa tire and I have to say this RP tire is wearing much better. The Dwt Run Flat I was not impressed with at all. I have had these now for two months and show no wear at all with no issues.

  4. Ryan Garcia

    I’m very please with my RP Run Flat UTV Tires, I purchased them last week and when they showed up I could immediately tell this is a true military UTV Tire! When I mounted them up we headed to the trails we normally ride and wow these tires are not only puncture proof but they ride very well to! I’m very happy and will be purchasing these from now on!

  5. Glen

    These tires are unbelievable period !!

    • Ryan

      Yes they are unbelievable and are by far the most durable on the market to date. Enjoy

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