GPS Gravity635 Front tire

$69.95 $54.95

GPS Gravity635 Front MX tire

20x6x10 6ply Solf compound

New Race rubber compound

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GPS Gravity635 Front tire

Introducing GPS Tire, the news Gravity 635 ATV tires feature a 6 ply carcass with a medium/soft rubber compound that delivers great traction yet provides a long wear life. Designed with a well known tread design that has proven to deliver excellent performance. GPS Tires’s carcass & rubber improvements have proven to deliver a top Pro performance that is needed in today’s ATVMX racing.

  • GPS Gravity635 20x6x10 front Tire
  • Light Weight
  • 6 ply
  • Soft GPS Compound
  • Long Ware Life
  • Great Traction In Many Conditions
  • Suburb Contact Patch
  • Provides Great Bite/Steering Control


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