Goldspeed XCR Tire

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This tire has been discontinued and replaced with the HOOSIER XC tire 

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The Goldspeed ATV XC rear tire is a one of a kind ATV racing tire. This XC ATV tire is designed to out perform the competition with its high end tire technology only Goldspeed is capable of providing. The Goldspeed XC ATV tire works great in loamy or hard terrain. Remember if it don’t say Goldspeed it is just a cheap Chinese copy.   

So some have copied the tread pattern but none have been able to duplicate the performance or wear life of the tire. 


  • Goldspeed Rubber Compounds
  • 6PLY
  • Size  20x10x9
  • Non Directional
  • Goldspeed Product
  • PPM Puncture resistant material
  • Race Compounding Performance tire


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2 reviews for Goldspeed XCR Tire

  1. Randy Meeks

    These work very well. They worked better and have lasted twice as long as the DWT XCR tires I had on from Parts unlimited. Just ordered a Victory box from you guys after taking to your Carlos he told me it’s brand new and that he just got some in. Great service

  2. Ryan

    I have been running these XC atv tires for awhile now and i couldn’t be happier! The quality is there and my lap times show it compared to my GBC atv tires. Thank you for carrying Goldspeed Tires they are a little hard to find but definitely the best out there.

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