Goldspeed MXR ATV Tire

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This tire has been replaced with the HOOSIER Tire 





The Goldspeed ATV MXR ATV tire is a one of a kind ATV racing tire. This ATV MX tire is designed to out perform the competition with its high end tire technology only Goldspeed is capable of providing. The Goldspeed MXR ATV tire works great in harder terrain with its unique tread pattern but also works great in multiple conditions.

Don’t be fooled by the DWT Chinese copies & Remember if it don’t say Goldspeed it is just a cheap Chinese copy. 

Tread pattern has been copied but none have been able to duplicate the performance !!


  • Goldspeed Rubber Compounds
  • Size  18x10x9
  • 4PLY
  • Non Directional
  • Goldspeed Product




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  1. Lonny

    Best Atv race wheels ever. I purchased a VB race wheel kit and was very pleased with the product. I would recommend these Atv wheels not only for racing but the Atv Sport quads as well. Great product.

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